Things To Do On Fraser Island

The highlights of Fraser Island include:

  • Diving into the clear, fresh waters of Lake McKenzie (which is perched high on a dune) or relaxing on its white sandy beaches.
  • Fishing on famous 75-Five Mile Beach. It is right on the action for some of the best beach fishing in the world. Surf gutters along the ocean beaches provide all-season angling and are great for beginners and families. Trailer boats can also be launched in the calm water behind Indian Head and at Waddy Point.
  • Swimming in The Champagne Pools - a natural jacuzzi formed by waves crashing into rock pools.  The depth of the pools depends on tides and weather, but it's one of the most popular watering holes on island.
  • Floating down the cool, fast-flowing fresh water of Eli Creek as it rushes to the beach.  You never know which way this creek will flow as it changes regularly depending on conditions.
  • Trekking across the Hammerstone Sandbow from the beach to swim in the fresh water of Lake Wabby – and oasis in a desert.  Make sure you have walking shoes, plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat before you head out - it can get pretty warm out there on the dunes.
  • Photographing the coloured sands of The Pinnacles and The SS Maheno shipwreck on the eastern beach.
  • Driving along famous Seventy-Five Mile Beach - a gazetted highway and the spine of the island - as the waves crash in and birds of prey circle overhead. You may even get to see one of the island's famous pure-bred dingoes - but please keep your distance and be Dingo Safe in the Great Sandy National Park.
  • Climbing Indian Head for spectacular views both north and south along the coast. Whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks and huge rays can also be spotted from up here.
  • Bird watching. The diverse range of habitats, make Fraser a bird watchers' paradise. A staggering 354 different bird species have been recorded - some considered rare or vulnerable and many subject to international bird migratory treaties.
  • Whale watching: You'll see Humpback Whales off Seventy-Five Mile Beach between June and October and, on the western side, Fraser Island provides the shelter for some of the best calm water whale watching anywhere in the world. To get up close and personal take a whale watch cruise from Kingfisher Bay Resort - cruises leave daily from 1 August until 31 October and sighting are guaranteed or you get your money back. Hervey Bay Marine Park is protected by Fraser Island, the calm, safe waters attract hundreds of humpback whales and calves from the beginning of August until the end of October.
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